2D Animation

2D Animations is a series of images viewed one after the other in a very short time that creates an illusion of movement. This has been one of the oldest yet a very effective medium. 2D animation has helped to simulate actions and movements that give the user a realistic experience. To animate means to bring to life and communicate feelings through story telling. The use of other medium such as sound adds another layer of meaning.

MYSTICMANTRA has an efficient production pipeline, set to produce quality 2D animation in an optimized time schedule. We offer end-to-end animation services for production including Layout, Background, Animation, In-Between and Clean Up.We have a great expertise in 2D Animation services which are extremely professional. The videos that we create using 2D Animation techniques can compete any of their kind. Our clients can depend upon our animation company for 2D Animation services and we will endeavor to satisfy them completely.

The production Stages include:-

  • Pre-Production (Storyboard, Character Designing, Backgrounds).
  • Classical Animation.
  • Key Animations.
  • Clean-Up and In-between
  • 2D Animated Movies
  • Coloured Background.
  • Post–Production (Professional Voice recording & integration, Music composing, Animation Compilation).

We create animation for a wide range of applications such as entertainment, short stories, TV commercials, educational presentations, product demos.